Beautiful Swimmers Compile new album for Love International


The dynamic duo are the latest to contribute to the recently launched label series which invites some of the key figureheads from the festival to curate the music which they feel soundstracks the sun kissed coast of Tisno. Beautiful Swimmers are Ari Goldman and Andrew Field-Pickering and are best known for their involvement in Future Times and World Building, they have also released music together on the likes of PPU and The Trilogy Tapes. 

The new compilation features eleven tracks including edits and original material spanning the breadth of funk, soul, disco, house and balearic music. It comes as the second compilation on the label following an initial outing from Gatto Fritto. 

The full tracklist can be seen below: 

01. Plunky – African Sunset 
02. Harlem Gem – More Than You Can Wish 
03. Svend Undseth – Aquilla Aquela 
04. Alex Simon – Runnin' Out Of Time (Instrumental) 
05. Mark Goddard – Tiny's First Journey 
06. Foe – Are U Da Bomb / Blow Up Girl (Beautiful Swimmers Mega Remix) 
07. Nature Love – You Turn Me Around (Karu Mix) 
08. KW Griff – Be Ya Girl 
09. The Horn – Whiddon On Down 
10. Hieroglyphic Being Presents Analogous Doom – Living In A Zome (Swimmers Mix) 
11. Spirit Garden – Electra City

The release will be available from the 10th of May.