Beatrice Dillon delivers mixtape for RVNG Intl.


The singular producer and disc jockey has recorded a mix for the longstanding electronic imprint in celebration of fifteen years. RVNG Intl. has had a busy year releasing music by the likes of Shy Layers, Kate NV, Lucrecia Dalt, E Ruscha V, Oliver Coates and more. Titled "RVNG Intl. at 15: Beatrice Dillon Selects / Dissects" the release runs across two sides and features a sprawling array of abstract electronics, experimental tones and beyond. It features released and unreleased music on the RVNG Intl. label and stays true to the freeform nature of the label as an entity in itself. 

It's described by Beatrice as follows:

“loads of cut ups, blends, edits, layered loops, audio manipulation, collaging, etc.,” and moments “where the tracks just run cos they sounded great to my ears.”

The release will be available on cassette from the 14th of December. 

Pre order HERE