Beast Mode Vii


Beast Mode 7 was a strange night. Strange in a good way though, like when you have some old strawberry jam on your knife and accidentally spread it in your ham sandwich. There I was, biting into an enjoyably clear cut ham filled rave when every now and then I was greeted with unexpectedly sweet strawberry splodges.

For starters, it takes place in Zinc, which is a club in Tottenham Court Road thats 31 floors up Centre Point Tower. So I was literally, up in the club. Before Id even taken any drugs I was a walking rap cliche, and it felt great. Added to this, when entering at the bottom the foyer was all gleaming marble and well polished glass, and all the bouncers looked like Roger Moore if he had been on a steadfast diet of Eastern European hooliganism. This gave the impression that the lift was going to open out into a solid gold dining hall continuously playing Kenny G, so you can imagine my relief when in fact it opened out into a dark club, playing dance music. Already my imagination was having to put in double shifts to keep up with the surroundings; although maybe I was just really mashed, either way it was exciting.

Looking around, the clientele were a varied bunch. It seemed like half the people were regulars of Beast Mode and half were regulars of Zinc, and so tight v necked t shirts were nestled snugly next to colourful print shirts and snapbacks. At first this made it hard to discern who to be judgemental towards but after a while I realised that actually everyone was dancing just as shit as each other so the boundaries washed away leaving a nice, bouncy atmosphere. My social spider sense was tingling harder than some scotch bonnet flavoured lube, although maybe I was just really mashed; either way it was exciting.

The music was equally as eclectic, with a furious mash of garage, house, disco and hip hop blaring out from start to finish without a pause for breath, with a great set from their secret guest Citizen to boot. The resident DJs Tropical J and Jean-Gough Frais kept things ticking over nicely so there was never any breaks and the music was flowing smoothly throughout the night.

When I did eventually pause for a break, the views were really something else, and the only way I could really give it justice was if I were to use flowery phrases like breathtaking, stunning and off the fucking hinges. Being that high up gave the impression of seclusion from the rest of the world that the best parties always have.

Overall a great party, and Beast Mode as organisers are definitely one to look out for in the future if this was anything to go by.

If you want to attend their next party Beast Mode VIII, its going to be a the Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15 4ST, March 14th. Tickets here.

William Wasteman