Barker readies new album for Ostgut Ton


The Berlin based record label has announced the debut LP from Barker which will be released later this year. Sam Barker is a Berghain resident and a co founder of the party Leisure-System. For many years he has worked tirelessly releasing music as one half of the innovative duo Barker & Baumecker. Much of the pairs work has been released by Ostgut Ton but more recently the label has turned to Sam for solo material. Last year saw him release an EP on the label which has since been followed up by a white label outing this summer. 

The new album is called "Utility" and will be released on the 6th of September, it features nine tracks which are euphoric, ethereal and dream like. Dotted stabs and melodic flutters showcase an alternate vision from the producer who has been synonymous with hard hitting techno and robust club focussed material. 

It is descrbied by the label as follows:

"The sound draws heavily on modular synthesis, as well as self-built mechanical instruments and plate reverbs to create atmospheres that are at once alien and emotionally recognizable, functional and utopian."

A full tracklist is below: 

A1. Paradise Engineering
A2. Posmean
A3. Experience Machines
B1. Gradients Of Bliss
B2. Hedonic Treadmill
C1. Models Of Wellbeing
C2. Utility
D1. Wireheading
D2. Die-Hards Of The Darwinian Order

The release will be available on both vinyl and digital. Buy HERE.