Barcelona based experimentalist Refectori to release debut LP Espleni


Experimental artist Xavier Longàs aka Refectori is set to release his debut LP on Barcelona based label Hedonic Reversal on April 5th. Titled Espleni the record follows a steady run of self-released material as well as appearances on the Bestiarie label and on cassette imprint Conjuntø Vacíø.

Billed as a record 'where frozen territories of heavy structures are explored', Espleni is an impressive statement of intent that combines immersive melody, noise, distortion, soundscapes and field recordings across nine pieces of work. Detailing the process behind the record the label detail an approach which started with documenting sounds using a Zoom H5 (a handheld digital audio recorder) and developed with the manipulation of this audio into 'a musically harmonic composition'.

At the intersection between sound art, noise and techno, Espleni draws interesting parallels with the likes of Kangding Ray, SHXCXCHCXSH, Emptyset, Samuel Kerridge & Isorinne. A promising sign that there's some fascinating undercurrents emerging in and around Barcelona.

Espleni will be released on vinyl and digital download on April 5th.

Check the tracklist & stream the title track below.

  1. Condició de la Matèria
  2. Vessant entre el Coll i Esquena
  3. Exploració d’Eix
  4. Esmorteït
  5. Rotació
  6. Repòs Permanent
  7. Cos i Aigua
  8. De Gardènia al Reeugi de Pedra
  9. Espleni