Bambounou launches his own ‘Bambe’ imprint


Parisian DJ and producer Bambounou has launched his own imprint ‘Bambe’ with a four-tracker titled ‘Cascade’, set for release on 29th March.

Made of four hypnotic, rhythmic tunes, the release sets an example for what’s to come on the label, which includes releases from Hessle Audio producer Bruce and NTS resident GiGi FM.

In the words of the label “Bambe will be a home for passionate minds, roaming freely in a world of eclectic backgrounds. Driven through the ever-expanding horizons of creation and technology, by any artistic means possible.”

Bambounou has previously released music for 50WEAPONS, AD 93, Taapion and Sound Pellegrino.

Listen to, the first track streaming for the EP below…