Balkan Vinyl Releases Charity Compilation Album Mountain Electrics


The devastating earthquakes that hit Nepal earlier this year have been circulating in the news since the time of destruction. Now, Nepal is still in much need for help. In order to extend a helping hand, Balkan Vinyl have released a new album titled Mountain Electrics.

Mountain Electrics is a charity compilation made in order to raise money for Community Action Nepal (CANEPAL). Balkan Vinyl have established a pay-what-you-choose system via Balkan Vinyl Bandcamp. All money received via Bandcamp will be donated via Just Giving, claiming UK Gift Aid. Or, you can choose to donate directly here.

CANEPAL is the chosen charity because they've been working in Nepal for years prior to the earthquakes. As a result of their work, they have staff on the ground as well as long-standing local knowledge and ties. CANEPAL's operations and staff costs are funded by other means, meaning 100% of donations go to their work in Nepal.

You can download Balkan Vinyl's chairty compilation album here.

You can donate directly here.