Avenue 66 announce release of new album from SUED co founder SW.


The prominent sub label of Acid Test has announced the release of a new full length album from eclectic underground producer and hardware enthusiast SW. The imprint, which is run from Berlin via LA, has become a recognisable outlet for left of centre electronic music having previously released music by the likes of Lowtec, Joey Anderson, Trux, Relaxer and Trickfinger. 

The new album by SW. comes off the back of recent appearances on Apollo, LOVEiT and Night Defined Records, this will be the first time that he has released via Avenue 66. Spanning twelve tracks, the album is called “TRUElipS” and will be available as a double LP. The release is described as follows by the imprint:

“The 12-track LP is rooted in the storied ’90s era when the spirit of orbital raves and free parties was channeled into massive leaps forward in the studio. A combination of house and drum & bass looms large, as does the much-referenced intelligent techno era, but if you’ve listened to an SW. record, you already know TRUElipS is the work of a singular auteur.”

A track is streaming online via Bandcamp where the release can be ordered HERE