Autumns To Release Lp On Clan Destine Records


Autumns, the solo project of Christian Donaghey, has been kicking around for a few years after being swiftly tapped up for a Mini LP release on Regis’ revered Downwards label back in 2014 and since then the project has notched up a few squalid yet purposeful singles and EPs on DIY labels. In 2016 Donaghey unveiled a quick-fire brace of EPs that arrived courtesy of Glasgow’s Clan Destine Records, releases which signalled a shift in direction towards a more refined intensity rooted in noise and electronics, prompting our profile on the project. Back then we stated: 

‘As Autumns, Donaghey has struck upon a distinctive ferocity, owing as much to post-punk liberties as it does to the trenchant severities of noise and the extended hypnotic perpetuity of industrial techno. It’s not merely an imposing affront to the pain threshold – a typically tough and masochistic type of noise-based music – but a sound of colossal atmospherics, dynamically suffused with abrasion and filled with heavy reflections that feel half-entombed yet thoroughly vented.’

Now after contributing to another Downwards outing (this year’s 12” compilation The Immortal Eye) and a tape for Athens event promoters Phormix (alongside the likes of Helena Hauff and Morah) the project has announced a debut full length LP entitled Suffocating Brothers. Written and produced over the course of six months, between July and December 2016, the album promises ‘frantic, serrated analogue rhythms in the same continuum as Phuture and Sleezy D, if their more riotous trax were mired in the irrepressible machine abuse of Whitehouse and SPK’ as well as ‘jackbooted dubs from the void and cataclysmic greyscale visions’ which bring to mind Public Image Ltd and Cabaret Voltaire’s more seditious moments. It's billed as the project's 'most essential statement to date'.

Suffocating Brothers is out September 23rd on Clan Destine Records.

LP / Digital available to pre-order HERE

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