Autoerotique Freak


Seeing as this is straight up heavy metal head crushing techno shit Ive tried to listen to it in its natural territory; the warehouse rave. Unfortunately as its 1 in the afternoon and theres no action to be found on the periphery of London Fields, Ive been forced to recreate the sensation of the rave in my very own home. To this end Ive pulled my curtains shut, put my speakers in a separate room (and turned them loud enough to rip the cones to smithereens), burnt 30 quid, had a slash behind the sofa to establish that heady warehouse atmosphere, double dropped some aspirins and snorted a line of wasabi (it was all I could find), and rubbed dog shit all over my trainers. Yes. Yes, now, what I can hear banging and farting away through the wall sounds quite excellent. 7 / 10.

Ian Mcquaid