Asa Moto Announce New Ep ‘Naturae/Make Me Prada/Athina/Syriacid’


Asa Moto, aka  have announced their next release on DEEWEE, the label run by the trio behind Soulwax, due for release on wax on 15th May.

'Naturae/Make Me Prada/Athina/Syriacid' is a four part EP that showcases the duos love for chunky synths and downtempo melodies.

'Athina' is a blissed out five minute melodic number that rolls around a hardened kick drum laced with beautiful, percussive flecks. 'System Naturae' explores a slightly darker aesthetic with low, grumbling chords which pan out into alien bleeps and blips. 'Make Me Prada' continues with those deep, growling chords, whilst 'Syriacid' errs on the side of melody with creepy, robotic vocals.

To pre-order, head HERE.

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