Artist to artist -Totally Enormous Extinct dinosaurs andAuntie Flo


Ahead of heading up the bill at Field Maneuvres Festival we asked the mighty TEED and Auntie Flo to interrogate one another in the name of entertainment. Having toured together in the past – their first ever tour was together – the pair have a natural rapport and a chemistry that almost led to the two of them sharing a bubble bath while conducting this converstaion….unfortunately they both kept their kits on in the end…

Orlando: Being asked about creative process is generally incredibly annoying. But let me ask you this; that moment when you have a breakthrough, what’s your emotion / reaction ? (I generally panic and leave the studio immediately). 

Brian: Haha, yeah I know the feeling. You can sit there all day working on something that is ‘almost amazing’, then go on to another track and within 2 mins you have a belter. I generally kick myself for falling into the same trap yet again but general relief that i’ve not totally ‘lost it’ quickly ensues. 

O: If one wall of your studio was a huge window, what view would you like to have ? 

B: I’ve moved to London and set up the studio in my flat. There is a window but it looks onto a dodgy estate and there are constantly dealers and other shady characters hanging literally one metre away from where I am! So whilst I like the idea of being ‘ghetto’, i’d much prefer a view over the serengeti or something similarly expansive. 

O: Have you ever completely lost your shit on stage ? is it possible ? I want to do it one day. 

B: In one of the first live shows we did I once got sooo drunk on whisky before playing that i could hardly stand up. The show was, needless to say, not the best. Worse still was the drive home the next day when i had to endure a 4 hour telling off by Esa on the worst hangover ever. i’ve tried to remain pretty sober for live shows since then.

O: Where in the world is drawing you right now ? What’s the place that makes you burn with music ? 

B: This year we’ve gone international for the first time with shows around Europe, Australia and got Africa coming up. Every place I go I pick up as much music as possible. As South Africa has been a massive influence on my sound, i’m looking forward to Esa showing me round some of the Cape Town townships next month to see what gems we can find.

O: I’m just listening to your track Kisumu, it’s so good, definitely got to play it out soon. Tuned percussion is such a treat for dance music producers huh ?!!? Anyway, if we had a bubble bath together what would you like to drink and what music should we bump?

B: I just got sent this amazing cover of one of my tracks by this all female string quartet. –

I’d like them to play cover versions of all our songs whilst we’re in the bath, sipping on Irn Bru, ice cream and Whisky cocktails. 

Brian : Since we toured together last year you’ve totally exploded worldwide- u been having fun?

Orlando:  So much fun ! Life has been a constant trip, I feel very lucky. (My English upbringing says I should deny any explosions, luckily I’m half French..)

B: We both have fairly silly names, I always have to answers questions on the meaning behind auntie Flo. U must get the same? What’s in a name? Do u wish you chose something simpler ?

O: I get asked about the name a lot. To a point I understand why. But then I always wonder what it is people are trying to find out ! As if there is something I could say that would make it all make perfect sense. I’m quite happy to have a name that leaves some people confused and angry, others amused and not bothered. 

B: I saw the photo of you and Eats Everything hanging with Richie hawtin. Hawtin is a bit of a dinosaur (sorry) himself but is still ahead of the game. Can u see yourself doing this when you get to his age ( he must be 70 by now?)

O: haha. I can see myself needing to be creative for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t like to say exactly how though. I’ve always been happy to quit one thing and start another, even if everything is going swimmingly, just go with the flow. I have no plans for how long this project will last. 

B: I recently relocated to London and have my first homecoming gig later this month in Glasgow, which is super exciting. Field manuvers takes place in Oxford where you’re from originally right? U must be looking forward to playing to your home crowd? 

O: One of the strangest things over the last two or three years is how hard it can be to keep your old friends close when you are touring, sitting in studios, and getting drunk on mondays. I don’t see them for ages and then they come and see me play to a whole bunch of people and I wonder what they think of me. It probably looks like I live a stress free life of parties. I’m not complaining, it’s just a very hard life to share. So the more hometown shows the better. I should add though that so many places start to be home, I feel like I have family in so many places, and that’s the second best thing about being a musician. 

B: Do u think we should have got in a bubble bath together to do this interview? 

O: That would have made it a lot more fun ! And I could do with a wash. 

Teed and Auntie Flo play Field Maneuvres on the last weekend of August, along with a host of other top notch artists and DJs. 500 good people in a field? Yes please. 
Get more info and tickets over here…