Artist to Artist – The Ragga Twins andDrums of death

As is our will, we’ve once again given two artists the task of interviewing each other so that we don’t have to…or more the fact that you always get something far more intesting out of people with a common interest. 
Squaring up for this face-off are the legendary Hackney-based junglists Deman Rockers and Flinty Badman aka Ragga Twins in the red corner – is it the red corner? – currently about to embark on working with Skrillex of all people and in the other (blue maybe?); Colin Bailey aka Drums of Death. No stranger to success himself he’s written for rather large names such as Azealia Banks, alongside producing his mighy fine blend of techno. 

Right… time to square off lads! 

Ragga Twins: How long have you been making music and DJing ?
Drums of Death: I’ve been making music as Drums Of Death for about 6 years. Before that I was making electronica and I used to play in (terrible) bands in Scotland. I was playing Drums Of Death shows as a live solo show until this year when my sound changed, became more melodic and fun, now I’m just DJing.  A lot more fun and easier to tour.
RT: Which is your favourite Ragga Twins track ?
DD: I really like Tan So Black and Superbad w/ Aquasky. Different sounds but both proper dope.

RT: What is your favourite city to play and why ?
DD: Probably Barcelona, maybe Bristol.  I’ve played a bunch of different spots in Barcelona, but I’m playing Razzmatazz again on  December the 14th . Doing a 4hr set in a great big club, I love it.  The main room at Bristol’s Motion is just one of my favourite spaces in the UK, love playing there…  The set is never long enough. 
RT: Do you have any plans to do a collab with Ragga twins & what do you have in store for your fans in 2014 ?
DD: I’d like too time-permitting.  In 2014 I’m continuing work on my new Drums Of Death album and I’ve been producing some other people’s records, more like left-field pop music plus working on some collab EPs that are more like melodic techno. As well as touring a lot.  

Drums of Death: What’s your abiding thoughts about seeing the London scenes change over the last 20+years? 
Ragga Twins: We are just glad to have been part of the history of UK music and all the genres that has evolved in the last 2 decade.
DD: Which of your tracks or features means the most personally to you both?
RT: Every track we put our voice to are all precious to us as it is an art to make music that people like and dance to.

DD: I heard a clip of the tune you made with Skrillex. It’s obviously got that American EDM sound but it’s still got mad groove and you guys have never sounded so mean and dark. I thought it was great.  How did the hook-up come about and when is it being released? 
RT: The hook up came with Skrillex after he used vocals from a sample pack we have out with Loopmasters, he liked our sound and decided he wanted to get us in the studio and re-record the vocals with some extra vocals. Release date is not confirmed but it will be very soon
DD: What’s the Ragga Twins plans for 2014?
RT: We plan to release an album in 2014, it is actually finished, We have a few collab projects working on and hopefully we can do a UK & European tour also release the RTC (Ragga twins crew) EP.
The Ragga Twins and Drums of Death will be live at The Social on NYE, tickets available here.