artist to artist: dusky


Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman are the duo that make up the all-conquering Dusky.

After bursting onto the scene with their debut LP in 2011, the pair kept picking up steam with the ubiquitous Flo Jam EP on Dogmatik Recordings that got played everywhere and ended up as Itunes Dance single of the year.

From there they released a couple of EPs on Aus Music and Breech’s Naked Music imprint, seemingly going from strength to strength and showing no signs of slowing down. In the spirit of ‘user-led’ journalism, we cajoled the pair and got them to do our job for us – interviewing one another while we sat back and smoked expensive Cuban cigars.

So, over to Nick and Alfie…. 

Nick: What do you bring to the Dusky experience?

Alfie: I bring the magic.

N: Well I guess the good-looking part is down to me then! 

A: What first interested you in music? Who were your first heroes?

N: My mum, she has very eclectic taste in music, everything from Soul, through to Punk, and Classical so I was exposed to a good range of interesting music growing up. Her diverse taste is definitely something Ive inherited. My first heroes were The Orb. How about you?

A: My parents – they both encouraged me to take up music as a kid. We had a piano, I gradually went from bashing it with my fists as a toddler to playing actual notes a little later. My earliest musical heroes were jazz musicians like Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock.


N: Tell me the romantic story of how we met

A: At sixth form college. There was a smoking area everyone used to hang around, we probably first met there. Us and a few others bonded over a mutual love of partying and listening to drum and bass and happy hardcore.

A: Where was your most intense music experience?

N: Mindscapes at the Drome in London Bridge. If anyone reading this went to the Drome theyll understand what Im saying! It was the first rave I went to and the first time I listened to dance music in the environment in which its supposed to be heard. It was intense.

N: What’s been your favourite DJing moment?

A: Oooh tricky one! Playing the Space terrace for the first time was wicked. Fabric, Panorama bar, Warung were also some recent special ones.

A: Who’s your tip for 2014?

N: Cant choose just one, sorry! Leon Vynehall and Paleman are both making some amazing music at the moment. I hope theyll both have a strong 2014.

N: When did you decide you would become a DJ?

A: I don’t think there was necessarily one point, I’ve always wanted to do music, though growing up I wasn’t sure whether that could be through DJing, producing/composing or through some other kind of performing. If at all. So far I’ve just followed opportunities as they’ve arisen.

A: How would you cope without me?

N: With difficulty! Who would tie my shoelaces? Maybe I’d have to get Velcro shoes

N: What’s your favorite way to relax after a show?

A: Party with friends. And/or sleep.

A: What’s the best record you’ve ever heard?

N: Argh, impossible question to answer. I wish people would stop asking this. Next!

N: What direction do you want our music to go in over the next five years?

A: Whatever direction feels natural.

A: What’s my most annoying habit?

N: Farting in the DJ booth. You always blame it on someone else but I reckon it’s blatantly you.

Dusky play Fabric this Friday, for further info check out the Fabric website.