Art Alfie, S Ruston and Voiski contribute to Trunkfunk’s 20 year anniversary sampler


Swedish-label Trunkfunk conclude their twenty-year anniversary celebrations with Vinyl Sampler – Part 2, a follow up to their first 6-track sampler in August.

Featuring six tracks aimed at the dancefloor from some of Scandinavia’s leading electronic artists, including Art Alfie, Måns Glaeser, DJ Vanilla and more, the release adds to the series of in-house artists, remixers, vocalists, and new producers that contributed to part 1. 

Operating since 2000, Fredrik “DJ Nibc’ Nyberg’s Trunkfunk Records is as a true institution in Scandinavia’s electronic music heritage, helping to launch and develop the careers of artists like Stuffa, Vinny Villbass and Lancelot, in turn developing the style of Trunkfunk in the process.

Speaking about the release Trunkfunk said, “In this year of change, we wanted to reconnect with the roots of the label, inviting both old and new artists from our family to create twenty unreleased tracks to celebrate our 20th birthday. This compilation is a huge milestone for us and sets the tone for the future of Trunkfunk.