Ara-u announces compilation to raise money for elderly homeless community in Maracaibo, Venezuela


Maracaibo, Venezuela producer Ara-u has announced a compilation on his label No Static / Automatic, providing a platform for artists in the local scene whilst also raising money to support the local community.

Titled The Exiled, the release features producers who Ara-u grew up with in the town of Maracaibo —Manao, Elektor, Dagga, Confidential Recipe and ELO all contribute—who provide a total of eight heavyweight, high energy tracks.

Platforming a new generation of exiled artists who have left the country for economic and political reasons, the process of the record provided a medium for them to stay connected and bring a creative sense of joy to their home country.

All proceeds from the release will be donated to Santa Cruz De Mara which supports the elderly community living in poverty and struggling to survive, providing much needed accommodation and food.

Speaking about the release and the artists involved Ara-u explains: “I’ve seen all of these kids growing up ever since they used to come to our raves and they all started making electronic music. When I say kids, I mean they are my little brother’s age Dagga apart from Elektor, who used to DJ a lot at our parties. They are all starting to do really well, I’m really proud of all of them as they have developed musically in foreign countries in different music scenes after leaving Venezuela caused by economical and political reasons. We were all born in my city – Maracaibo.”

Listen to Manao & Elektor’s collaboration ‘Not Afraid MF’ below.

Pre-order HERE.