Apron Records set to release new Sun Runners album


Lord Tusk has a serious knack for novel sounds and disregarding convention. His dubbed-out funk-infused Communique EP on MIC illustrates the creativity of the London-based artist, as do the lightsaber samples and lathargic tones on Space Invaders, a song from his previous release on Apron Records. Returning to Steven Julien's esteemed imprint, Tusk's latest offering sees him adopt the moniker of Sun Runners 女神の恋人達. Producing an album briming with flavoursome funk, soulful vocals and unparalleled groove, Lust For Love explores romantic tones though seductive rhythms and sensual percussion.

The 14 track LP will be released on 18th January. In the words of Apron:

"Peace to all the Fans, Apron Records, Herb Powers, Phantom lovers & all the beautiful ladies xxx"