Anti-Piracy Advert Music Was Stolen


One of the biggest cases of hypocrisy was uncovered last year with little more than a whisper. Most of us will remember seeing the “You wouldn’t steal a car” piracy adverts on every dvd we played in the early 00s. What most people have yet to discover is that the music for the anti-piracy campaign was actually pirated from a Dutch musician named Melchior Reitveldt.

In a move that would have marketing specialists turning in their graves, Reitveldt’s music (which had been sanctioned for a local film festival’s anti-piracy campaign) was used repeatedly for the standardised anti-piracy warning that appeared constantly. In a tale that became pointlessly complicated, Reitveldt dealt with corrupt royalty collectors such as Jochem Gerrits (who tried to gain profit for himself through the situation) before finally reaping his just rewards in 2012, 6 years after he originally composed the music.

Though piracy may still be a crime, it’s fairly safe to say that we’ll know be able to approach the topic with a rather tongue-in-cheek approach.

For the full details of this ridiculous story, check it out here.