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“People who haven’t yet made it to World Unknown probably have no idea that for 2 to 3 hours in the middle of the night what we play is basically a fairly weighty take on house; 80s acid tracks from Chicago, scary tranny anthems from the Sound Factory, plenty of Wild Pitch action, pounding German, Belgian and UK things, and then all the way into to the present and the future in the form of the handful of new releases that somehow fit the World Unknown sound and and a bunch of dubplates (actual proper ones, the best smelling and heaviest records on the planet) of as yet unreleased stuff from us and our mates.

This mix is about that part of the night, when the music pounds out of the big slab of speakers on the back wall and the room is pitch black apart from the tiny lights on the amps flickering in the corner. And when there’s so much smoke in the place that when we do finally fire the lights up it creates such a snowblind white-out that you can see even less than when its dark.”
Andy Blake

World Unknown 3rd Single Launch Party

The third release on the World Unknown 12″ label is a very meaty affair and as such is being thrown a launch party on Thursday September 29th at The Alibi in Dalston. Proceedings run from 9pm til 3am, admission is free all night and, as is customary, the World Unknown throbbers, bangers and psyche-outs will be served up for the full six hours by Andy Blake and Joe Hart.

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2nd Birthday Party

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