Andrew Weatherall To Release Super Limited 7″ Remix


Meet Lil Mo. An Austin A60 camper van who's seen better days, and is now the subject of an Indiegogo restoration campaign.

There aren't many of these vehicles left, possibly as few as three. Those of you who aren't car enthusiasts may have switched off by this point. But there's a good reason we're telling you about all this. It involves something equally rare as this battered old van.

Andrew Weatherall has remixed the soundtrack to the campaign film (below) as 'Lil Mo In Dub'. It's being pressed to 7" as an extremely limited edition of just five copies, and will set you back a cool £250. Or double that if you want copy 001.

If you just want to listen to the track, then fear not – it'll get its first ever public airing on Andrew's monthly NTS show – 'Music's Not For Everyone' – this Thursday 26 Nov, 1-3pm. Or you can buy a digital copy here.