Andrew Weatherall ‘Love & Sabres’ merch released to raise money for charity


Yesterday, to mark the late, great Andrew Weatherall’s birthday, his long time production partner Keith Tenniswood announced the release of a run of ‘Love & Sabres’ merchandise, with profits going to several charities in his memory.

Available on both sweatshirts and T-shirts, the print is from a photograph Tenniswood took of Weatherall, at the time of their Two Lone Swordsmen album ‘From The Double Gone Chapel, which uses the same camera effect that was part of the release’s iconic visual identity. The back neck area features the ‘Love and Sabres’ emblem.

The garments are hand screen printed onto a navy with a silver ink by Exalt T Shirts and are printed to order. 

50% of profits from the sales will be donated to charities that Andrew supported and food banks including Amnesty International, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Thrombosis UK, Crisis and The Trussel Trust. The remaining 50% will go to Andrew’s partner Lizzie Waker.

A message from Keith yesterday read, “Hi all, today would have been Andrew’s Birthday so I wanted to announce this Tee shirt and Sweatshirt which is being hand screen printed by Exalt T Shirts. I’d got some of these printed for friends at Xmas and wanted to make them available to all, and raise some money for charity which he’d supported too. It’s hard to put into words what Andrew achieved in his life and what he meant to so many people, not a day goes by without thinking about him. I took this image using a camera effect we’d used on the TLS album ‘From the Double Gone Chapel’, I think its really iconic and I hope you like it. The print is slightly glittery silver on navy blue and comes with a postcard too. Thanks to Lizzie, Ian and all at RGC for kind permission to do this.

Order HERE. Donate directly to The Trussel Trust, Amnesty International, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Crisis and Just Giving in aid of Thrombosis.