An Exclusive Look At Marc Almond’s New Photographic Biography


First Third Books are set to release a limited edition photo book celebrating the career of electro pop icon and former Soft Cell frontman Marc Almond. Almond makes a fair subject for a book of images – his various flamboyant looks have commanded as much attention as his four decades worth of messing around with pop.  

This linen-bound, hardback volume features over 200 images, taken from the work of international photographers as well as Almond's personal archives. MOJO writer Mark Paytress has added text to illuminate the photos with insights and asides Almond's and often controversial life. With a fully illustrated discography, this edition will be launched in June 2015, with advance orders now being taken at the First Third Books website.
"Putting a book like this together is very difficult because it brings up all kind of emotions. But it's important to me to paint an honest picture, which means that as well as the many wonderful memories, working on the book has also forced me to resurrect certain things I'd rather hoped had been consigned to history. But that's great. It would be too easy to fall into the comfort zone of nostalgia. The book goes much further than that. The whole process has been bittersweet and yet cathartic. I've really enjoyed working on it and it looks fantastic."  Marc Almond, March 2015.

We've been given a couple of exclusive images from First Third – check them below, and see more previews from the tome over on the First Third site.