Amsterdam’s Echobox Radio goes live on air


Amsterdam’s newest radio station, Echobox, are going live on air today after a year of construction.

The independent station will be broadcasting four days a week, from Thursday through to Sunday, with three of the days focused on live and local hosts and one day with broadcasters from all over the world.

Residents include Job Sifre, Mary Lake, Panda Lassow, Robert Bergman, Garage Noord and many many more.

Founded by a group of local and international Amsterdammers, the station’s mission is to put the format of traditional radio front and centre, offering a programme with a solid focus on audio: interviews, talk shows and live music, as well as DJ sets within a radio context. The team behind Echobox is made up of Chalice Cox-Hynd, Victor Crezée, Mohamed Ghabri, Rachella Groen and Lorenzo Milelli.

Peep the full list of residents below. The full timetables and further details will be posted their very soon.

Listen to Echobox.