All Tomorrow’s Parties Launch East London Pop Up Shop


OK, so in the greater balance of things, even writing the term 'pop up' makes us feel all queasy and ill-used. But in this case (and, reading PR people please note- in this case ONLY! we don't want to wake up tomorrow to an inbox full of fecking Pop Up invites…) we're happy to write about a pop up shop. This is because the shop in question is being run by ATP, and they've done so many good things that we reckon, chances are, this will be a good thing to.

So, as of tomorrow, the All Tomorrow's Party pop up, called 'Terminal', will be opening on Brick Lane, a few doors down from Rough Trade East. The store will be selling ATP merchandise and limited edition art prints from past events, tickets for upcoming events sans booking fee, along with a host of tat such as sundials and travel adapters just because. The whole thing will be soundtracked by their own ATP radio, which, considering ATP have put on a fair chunk of everyone who makes music ever, will probably have some fairly decent guest appearances.

Terminal will be open daily from 11am – 7pm for the next 3 months – find out more on the ATP website