All City To Release Rare 70’S & 80’S Irish ‘Groove’ On New Compilation


Described as having been a long time in the making the new compilation features experimental funk, soul, disco, punk and electronics from the 70's and 80's in Ireland in what is expected to be a highly original and sought after compilation. The compilation features eight tracks and will be released on a double LP with extensive liner notes. Titled "Quare Groove Vol. 1" the release is expected early next month and is described best by the label themselves. 

"Stating it softly….. Irish music of the 1970's was simply not synonymous with groove music in any way. Avid music aficionado's were totally 'rockist' then (to use an old tag from the same time!) That thread tends to follow with record collecting of vintage Irish music of that time, down to this day. We'll throw a little change into that narrative here – the groove is very rare, and not a little quare! We've looked at the entire recorded music picture of what happened here on this little island into the 1980's, and we're bringing back this.

We can't tell you that this music comes from a strange place – it comes from a steadily steep and VERY strange place! A small place that was not a little conflicted societally and politically back then – and in every way too, public and private. However it was also a time of great change. Living through it seemed like a rite of passage that moved off from some manner of dark age, and then over forward into a brighter light. Modernity beckoned, and not just with the technology!"

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