Alex Reece


Brief detour down memory lane…. I went to a rave somewhere in Dorset in 1995, and the main action was taking place in a large cattle shed where the DJ was spinning banging techno – normally my bag, but I got a bit bored and wandered off. I stumbled (literally) upon a small shed, which seemed to be crammed full of pretty smiling girls all swaying hypnotically in time to a sparse, minimal track with the sickest, window-rattling bassline I’d ever heard (turned out to be Pulp Fiction by Alex Reece). It got a couple of rewinds and I needed scraping off the ceiling before I went home that night. Couldn’t hear properly for a week. And if you’re talking about sexy dnb basslines (I was), then I can’t not mention PFM’s One and Only – but I already waxed on that one at length here.

Joe C
Content kindly supplied from Joe C’s amazing The White Noise Revisited blog. To download the track in full, check out the website in all it’s splendour here + read further musical educations…