Air Max ‘97 celebrates five years of DECISIONS with his first compilation


London based DJ & producer Air Max ‘97 has announced Consequences, a 15-track compilation celebrating five years of his label DECISIONS, which showcases a variety of rising talent from across the globe.

Set for release on the 23rd of October, the release spans a wide breadth of sounds ranging from FWD>> attitude UK Techno, futurist percussion and driving polyrhythms, enlisting the talents of returning label mates such as Yre Den & Oroboro, as well as rising stars like Ido Plumes & DJ Plead, two of Livity Sound’s newest recruits. 

Offering a range of sonics for both on and off the dancefloor, the release begins with Emily Glass’ contribution, who establishes the mood with ‘Scribble Machine’, before launching into a devilish downtempo excursion from Shanghai’s Laughing Ears, and then traveling through the polyrhythmic chaos of Air Max `97, DJ Plead, Ido Plumes, and CORIN’s tracks. Elsewhere there’s futuristic percussive works from Yre Den, Bby Eco, Hence Therefore, and COLLO, while Avbvrn, Isomov and SCAM & Sevy offer up a range of diverse electronics, from reflective ambiance to Neuro DnB rhythms, taking the compilation into stranger grounds.

Consequences finds kindred spirits in artists unapologetically journeying their own spirals, resulting in a lively multitude of rhythm, sound design and song shapes defying genre and tempo. The compilation seeks to round off a difficult and disruptive year on a generative, community-oriented note.’

The label will donate their share of profits to Pay the Rent, a grassroots initiative by and for First Nations people in Australia, where DECISIONS was founded.