AIAIAI launch T-Shirt collection for Record Store Day


Danish headphone brand AIAIAI are set to launch a new project called RPM-RIP this record store day, which pays tribute to a selection of closed down record stores. 

Curated by Trevor Jackson, the series of six limited-edition T-Shirts have been designed by six music-loving artists from six different cities across the world, each a visual tribute to an iconic record store that has recently closed down. 

The cities, stores and designers that feature are:

London / Groove Records / Trevor Jackson
Paris / Salinas / Check Morris
Tokyo / Cisco / Zongamin
NYC / Kim’s Video & Music / Braulio Amado
Berlin / Pinky / aka Luca Lozano
Copenhagen / Street Dance Records / Peter Michael Willer

The proceeds from the T-Shirt sales will go into establishing AIAIAI's RPM foundation; a fund for artists and musicians to support their creative projects.