Ai Messiah to release debut on Touch Sensitive


The Belfast based producer is set to appear on the imprint with his very first release, a long form record which is described as follows:

"A soundtrack for gutted metropolises, virtual sanctuaries and utopian enclaves, 'Sentience & Sapience' is a seamless, psychedelic journey through possible near futures in the age of Artificial Intelligence."

The album had been teased previously having received support from the likes of Lena Willikens, Ivan Smagghe, RVNG Intl and David Holmes who were all fans. The release will be available from Friday the 16th of November and spans a broad remit of ambient electronics, soundscapes, off centre experimentalism and more. The announcement was teased with one track from the 17 long LP which can be heard on the Touch Sensitive bandcamp.

Pre order and listen HERE