Afrikan Sciences Announce New Album To Come Via Pan


Afrikan Sciences is set to release his third album, Circuitous, through the ever reliable PAN, on December 8th.

The album sees Afrikan Sciences – aka Eric Douglas Porter – make his debut for PAN. His previous work has been released via the Deepblak label, run by Porter's long time collaborator Aybee, and has seen the New York producer explore afrofuturist paths through house, hip hop, soul and jazz. In a fairly bold bit of PR hyperbole, PAN write that the album travels through territories "most recognizably charted by astral traveler Sun Ra-" possibly a slightly higher benchmark than most artists would be happy to set themselves. Having said that, the track they label have released for streaming is a fine percussive jam, nodding to both African rhythmic traditions and a warm, loose jointed take on NY deep house. 

Tracklisting for the album runs as follows:

01. Two in the Chamber 04:45
02. Reddin Off 04:32
03. Transient Authority 03:05
04. Evolved In Twists 06:28
05. Circuitous 05:34
06. Kae 06:03
07. Feel 07:38
08. Swash 04:07
09. The Image 08:28
10. Group Home Reality 04:04
11. Alibi II 04:01
12. DBC 05:30
13. I'm Asking You KB 07:35
14. Tell Me Who Like That (Bedside Manner) 06:45

Visit the PAN website here