Adesse Versions Launches Unique Dubplate Remix Competition


Adesse Versions, the Numbers artist behind 2015 hit ‘Pride’, is running a very unique competition. The producer is offering fans the chance to get their own one-off dubplate remix of any old track of their choosing. Only one copy will be pressed on wax, in the world, ever; now that’s what you call 100% exclusive.

Having built up a reputation as being highly proficient on remix duties, Adesse Versions is taking song suggestions over on his Facebook page. The final decision rests with the producer who will pick his favourite to be remixed and cut as a single vinyl dubplate. It will be listed on Discogs as the fifth release on his ADV white label series, but only that one copy will ever be made and sent out to the winner!  

Adesse Versions records are sought after and routinely fetch high prices on Discogs, making this one-off pressing an extremely rare and valuable prize. 

The competition is open to anyone, “preferably with good taste in music”.

Head over to his Facebook page for tips on what types of songs to choose and what to avoid.