A quick chat with Simian Mobile Disco


Simian Mobile Disco have returned with what is, arguably their greatest album to date. Ahead of their launch party at fabric this weekend we caught up with – I'm not sure which one we caught up with but it was definitely one of em – for a quick fire round Q&A. Well it's more like I drew out the questions, they answered them succinctly… anyway, leave you to it.

"Their magnum opus" so say XLR8R… quite an accolade. How do you feel about the new album? It's picked up a pretty crazy response. I have to say I've been living in a hole for the past few weeks and haven't had a chance to check it out but I've just put the first track on which is incredible. 

Hah thanks! We're really pleased with it… it's taken us a while but we can honestly say this is the album that we're most proud of, and is probably the best reflection of our tastes.
Care to talk us through the process of how this album came to fruition?
It started off in between festivals and DJ gigs last summer. The last records we had released had been our Delicacies singles, but we knew we didn't want to make an album as full on club music as that, but we also didn't want to go with any "proper" vocal songs. So we worked on the tracks over the summer on and off, trying them out when we were playing, and then sat down for a solid month at the end of the year to get it all into shape. The hardest part was choosing which tracks to go on the album. We have a bunch left over that didn't make the cut.
This album has been seen as somewhat of a reawakening for many. It must feel quite odd to almost be veterans of the scene?
Yeah… you don't really notice it, but suddenly you've gone from being the new kids on the block to being more senior. We'll never feel like "elder statesmen" though!
It sounds like you've been playing a few large rooms recently with these productions.  We Love… and imagine many others around the world. Has this influenced this album?
Yes, to a certain extent. That was certainly a big influence on Delicacies – for this we've reined it in a bit, and aimed for late night, slightly weird tripped out vibe… rather than peaktime bangers.
You're playing alongside Blondes at your album launch at fabric this Friday. I got to say they're one of the outfits who have really excited me over the past year or two. I take it you're fans? Anyone else taking your fancy of late? I read you're fans of the post dubstep-ness going on… 
Yep we're big fans of Blondes. Have played with them a few times – they're exactly the kind of music we like! We do play a bit of the post-dubstep type stuff – especially the more techno-orientated. Blawan, Joy O, Boddika, Shed, Skudge, Luke Abbot we've been digging recently..
Your set from ATP has been going down rather well around and about this thing we call the internet. I take it, it was rather fun to play at the festival?
It's a great festival. We've been a few times as punters, and when we got invited by Les Savy Fav to play on their day we jumped at the chance. It's got the most amazingly eclectic range of music and an incredible atmosphere. And you get to stay in chalets.
When did you last do some new press shots?! đŸ™‚ I think I've got a ridiculously blurry one from way back when you played down at Fear of Music that I might use for this (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=384160351547&set=t.519231547&type=3&theater) don't they look young?!) ! Don't worry… I actually won't do that! 
We did some for this album! Will get someone to send you them…
Do you still like clubs?
Yes for sure… we're mostly there playing in them, but we do make sure to check out other people playing as much as possible too.
Do you dance?
Not as much as we used to to be honest..
Wow, I just read Seraphim samples Cilla Black… sure you're bored of talking about it but how'd you arrive at that sample? Have you fkkd with her voice a lot?
It was just something we came across really… She has an incredible voice, not really messed with it very much at all.
Do you like Techno as much as me?
Haha… perhaps?
Do you have any thoughts at all on the current 'Deep House' scene at the moment? I use those exclamation marks deliberately there…
Like every scene that becomes trendy, there's some good stuff and there's some not so good stuff…
Cat or dogs?
OK, well I've listened all the way through the album now and I think it's pretty incredible – sorry for having not done it sooner! I will go back and listen probably another 5 times before the night is out… so congratulations on it.  Anything else you'd like to talk about but i haven't asked. I realise there's a lot here.  The last interview I did and ask this question someone came back and said "Next time we talk about love. or football. or wine. Then we have the whole picture :)"
Shall we go over them now?
Actually we are famed for not having many other interests outside music… our press people hate it when they want us to do interviews about our hobbies!
And that… is that! 
Not too short actually was it.
The rather fine SMD play fabric this Friday at their launch party alongside a ridiculous line-up – full details below.
Stream the album here – mighty fine.

Room 1


Simian Mobile Disco

Blondes Live


Daniel Avery

Room 2



Kode 9





Crazy D


Room 3



West Norwood Cassette Library

Two Inch Punch

Altered Natives


Oli Marlow

Phew… full details here.