A Made Up Sound Concludes Label With Extended Release


Since 2009 A Made Up Sound has been releasing music independntly under his label of the same name. Now some seven years later the label is set to close with a new 12" and cd charting all of the various releases across the years. It will also feature new tracks and edits from Dave Huisman who describes the conclusion of the project as follows.

"Initially I started it as an outlet to freely release whatever, whenever, but as I went along, the label kind of became a purpose in itself, something I enjoyed building over time. A body of work with a beginning and an end, if you will. It was meant to be a finite thing early on, I think this has encouraged me to try and push its sound as far as I could. If you know you only have so many records left to make, you're extra keen to make each of them count." 

The final release is expected to land on the 21st of October. 

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