A LILY announces his fifth album on Ransom Note’s cassette label Bytes


Phantom Limb boss and producer A LILY (aka James Vella) has announced his fifth album, Sleep Through the Storm, on our own Ransom Note cassette label Bytes. 

The name of the album, Vella explains, refers to two experiences; “The Storm” being this dark period in human history and the anxieties that go along with it, while “Sleeping Through” is a nod to surviving it and a moment of personal protection during the turbulent rage. 

The eight tracks see Vella balancing light and dark through the exploration of a form of analogue synthesis; with the resulting recordings mostly built live through looping and layering a single performance to create patterns and repetition. For the most part, Sleep Through the Storm is an expression of sadness and lament, but it is proof that there can be harmony and consonance in misery.

Vella has previously released music for the likes of Blank Editions, Fierce Panda, Dynamophone Records and Sound in Silence, using his A Lily moniker to encompass a wide range of solo music, spanning dark alt-pop and piano solos to ten-hour ambient pieces and abstract experimentalism. He is the founder and principal songwriter of the acclaimed band yndi halda and he also runs independent record label Phantom Limb. 

Endless Jasmine
A Softly Glitching Reality
The Singing Comet
Slept Through the Storm
Colour the Senses
Kalimba Heart 
Do Not Dash Your Feet Upon the Stone
Slipped at the Edge of the Pool

Listen to the opening track ‘Endless Jasmine’ below…