A Colourful Storm curate end of year compilation on cassette


The label has announced a special digital and tape release to see out 2020. Featuring eleven tracks the compilation is a comprised mixture of oddball electronics, weirdo soundscapes and experimental textures with an eclectic cast of musicians on the release. The announcement comes off the back of what has been a busy year for the label with prominent releases of late coming from the likes of Christoph de Babalon, Désaccord Majeur and Suburban Cracked Collective. 

The label describe the new tape below:

“Glimpses of visions, fragments of fantasy, figments of imagination. Reveries of those preferring to remain in the shadows – and clues left from others hidden in plain view. Princess Diana of Wales and Silzedrek pick up right where Kallista Kult left off last year, their jazzy, dubby overtones floating in space. Mental Age Test offers a modern classical masterclass in sound design while Adolescent Behaviours loops a heavenly, submerged vocal sample over groaning sub-bass. Lucinda and Gwydir conjure the whimsical and baroque spirits of Księżyc, Lisa Gerrard and Sarah Davachi and conclude this evening’s whodunit.”