70’S Electro Originators N.O.I.A. Reissue Classics


N.O.I.A. have a strong claim to be one of the first Italian synth outfits. Formed in 1978 by Bruno Magnani and Davide Piatto, the group sought to emulate the machine funk of Kraftwerk, creating a few mini masterpiees along the way. They're now embarking on a reissue program that will see a selection of singles and unreleased tracks come to light, accompanied by remixes from the likes of Prins Thomas, Kirk Degiorgio and The Orb.

First up is the 1983 cut 'The Rule to Survive', a wonky disco epic that takes in Eastern melodies, chunky pulses of synth, and typically deadpan Euro vocals.It's to be teamed with 'Time Is Over Me', a fairly odd piece of mid 80s chirpy electro pop, apparently unreleased until now. The full tracks and remixes are as follows:

1.The Rule To Survive (Original Mix)
2. The Rule To Survive (Original Instrumental)
3. The Rule To Survive  (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)    
4. The Rule To Survive (Kirk Degiorgio Remix)
5. The Rule To Survive (Baldelli & Dionigi Remix)
6. Time is Over Me (Original Version)
7. Time is Over Me (Original Instrumental)
8. Time is Over Me (Dub Version)
9. Time is Over Me (Gaudi & The Orb Remix)

The Rule To Survive comes out on NOIA's own label on 4th September – more info can be found on their website. In the meantime here's the ace original Rule to Survive: