2562 Fever


Dutch artist 2562 set himself a stern challange for this, his 3rd LP; every single sound heard on the record is sampled from a classic disco track from the late 70s or early 80s. Were he making an album of disco re-edits this would be a fairly pedestrian move- as it is Fever is a collection of thoroughly modern dance tracks, nodding primarily to the spirit of dubstep and 2step in their lineage. This is heard in the skipping 4 beat of the lairy Brasil Deadwalker and Aquatic Family Affair (a track that really does sound aquatic, with its seep sea bubbling keys and smooth pebbles of bass), alongside deep post garage Mount Kimbie-esque moments such as Intermission and the title track. What there is very little of on Fever is actual D.I.S.C.O, and this turns out to be no bad thing. The sample sources weave a warmth into the tracks, particularly evident on the percussion, with shimmering hi hats and reverberating hand claps carrying a humanity that is instantly appealing, and takes 2562s album beyond the machine bound funk of so many of his peers. Whilst theres not much for any but the most introverted dancefloors here, theres plenty to zone out to in the headphones, and a wealth of head music for any fans of the further edges of bass.

Ian Mcquaid

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