2010 a best of


OK here it is Ransom Note, a selection of the top tracks of 2010… theres no order because thats just too hard to call, I guess what Im going to do is split it into itty bitty sections and throw it out there and be largely proved to be a cloth eared nummer within the space of half a year.
I have a tendency to veer towards the aggy and unpolished so fraid theres none of the deep house (or is that post dubstep…?) revivalist bollocks to be found here. If I wanted wallpaper Id go to Wickes.

House and its hybrids…

What a splintering old man house went through this year. Creaky veteran producers wheeled out new classics and fresh converts stretched and pulled the 4/4 into squiggly new shapes. Heres some of my favourites…

Tensnake – Coma Cat

seemingly forgotten by many cos it came out right at the start of the year, but really, probably the biggest house track of the year, and heard played by DJs as diverse as Erick Morello and Toddla T.

DJ Zinc ft Ms Dynamite – Wile Out

Another track being overlooked in end of year lists simply because it came out in January, Wile Out was a storming return from Dynamite, and a Zinc classic gloriously up there with 138 Trek and Super Sharp Shooter. Still sounds great on the floor after constant reloads.

Gonzales – Never Stop (Erol Alkan mix)

Hyper old skool from Erol with dry analogue drum thumps and whining synth stabs. Really simple and superb.

Congorock – Babylon

The ragga vocal version might have taken it a step too far, but the instrumental original takes the dumb thumping electro crown of the year. Great soca-esqe drum patterns and hells own synth drop made this score big.

Bobmo – Bring It (Hot City remix)

Completing more remixes than Tories made cuts (no mean feat), Hot City were everywhere this year. The slow down speed up in this track before the rave kicks back in again is real button pushing rave 101.
BRING IT ep medley by Bobmo

Sticky ft Natalie Storm – Look Pon Me

One of the many great tunes from a revitalised Sticky this year, and part of the UK Funky/ dancehall crossover sub scene that threw up a number of high energy dancefloor bombs.

Bands and such

Caribou – Odessa

A fine return to form and an indie dance misery classic. I especially love the sound of a crow being poked in the eye that carries the rhythm.

Hounds of Hate – I Like Triangles

Not sure whats happened to this lot now, but this plinking slow paced analogue rush is still a joy to listen to.

These New Puritans – Hologram (SALEM mix)

Killing two birds with one song– both these bands made unique, ambitious and enigmatic LPs this year, and this meeting of a great Puritans track submerged under SALEMs mogadon crunk
is a piece of strange beauty.

Cloud Nothings – Hey Cool Kid

A great slice of whiney college rock filtered through a mist of grit, like Green Day before they started all the nonsense with acoustic guitars.

Washed Out – New Theory

As a whole chillwave passed me by, perhaps largely because of its god awful name. Still this ones a doozie, all nostalgic memories of 80s synth crashes ande half formed pop vocals

Grime and Dubstep

Doctor P – Sweet Shop

Released early in 2010 after knocking around on dubplate for a month or two, this proved to be t an anthem throughout the year. Doctor P slung together happy hardcore and heavy metal in a disgusting 4 and a half minute stew and bass bins the world around quaked in fear.

Kozzie – Destruction

Totally up for it, quick fire virulent grime that could blast paint off walls. Proper.

D Double E – Streetfighter

A big hit for the underground champion, with D Dubs vocals riding a grime/dubstep hybrid with a load of arcade sound FX chucked in for good measure

Trilla Jermain Trilloski – Who R Ya (SX Grime Mix)

Leading the Midlands grime invasion came Trilla with this nasal football chant. One of a wave of big tunes made outside London in 2010 and sign of grimes rude health

Ms Dynamite – What U Talkin About

Another great song from Dynamite, combining an ethereal sing a long chorus with the biggest drop this side of a Chilean mine.

Girl Unit – Wut

The biggest of all the Night Slugs releases, a kind of warehouse RnB sans vocal

Tinie Tempah – Pass Out

Come on fairs fair, this is a winner. The first actual grime track to hit number one. And a bona fide pop song to boot, Im not afraid to say I love it, and he did a cracking job on Christmas Top Of The Pops.

Hip Hop & Bashment

Vybz Kartel – Clarks

Straight up product placement in blinding track shocker.

Ludacris – How Low

Luda returns with 140 bpm beats, squeeky voices and goofy one liners. Whats not to like eh ?

Ninjasonik – BARS

Quality independent hip hop with a good gutter kick drum and lyrics about getting pissed

King Fantastic – Who Where Why

Criminally over looked, this grimey US track has a one note riff that weedles its way into the back of your head leaving the kick drum to happily bash you round the chops. Good drawling delivery tops it all off.

Beenie Man – Rum n Red Bull

Produced by new kid Seanizzle (the One Day riddim) this is a stupidly optimistic sounding paeon to getting hyper smashed. Winner.

Nicki Minaj – Romans Revenge

Basically, an evil piece of music. A marching drum and the occasional rising synth combine to make an utterly merciless sonic attack.

Ian Mcquaid