20 Years of Soma


In celebration of Soma’s 20 Years celebration at fabric tonight, we’ve got:

1 x Soma Records 20 Years T-shirt
1 x Soma Records 20 Years compilation

Email comps@theransomnote.co.uk with ‘I love them Glaswegians, it’s no wonder a label of such quality is still 20 years strong! Gimme t-shirt, gimme cd… I can’t wait for tonight! xx’

Fast approaching this Saturday is the 20th year jubilee of the revered, celebrated and now officially long running Glasgow based electronic dance music labelSoma Quality Recordings. As well as being known for releasing early seminal tracks from Daft Punk, Slam and Funk DVoid, the label has carried itself through to present day making name as a consistned place for pushing boundaries to present day. 2011 has been a year in keeping with this reputation with Deepchords Hashbar Lopps long player and remixes from 2 of the techno worlds breakthrough artists Ryan Crosson and Joseph Capriati further evidence of the labels quality and success.

Most frequently Slam are the voice of the label, who we also spoke to earlier in the year, however, weve gone a step further for the blog, asking label manager Dave Clarke (I know what youre thinking, but this is a different Dave Clarke) to step out from behind the curtain and share with his Soma story – eulogizing his memories of 20 years in service and introduces his 10 most important releases from the label to us.

Read the full interview and a low down on each track with label head DC on fabric’s blog right here. Bigathon this weekend at fabric – it will be big!

Playlist below… mmmhmm. mmmmm.