Zoon Van Snook Presents: Oddcasts #4 ‘Avian Encounters’


Bienvenidos and willkommen to the fourth instalment of the themed @zoonvansnook presents: OddCasts (#4) for the esteemed Ransom Note magazine.

This time out, the theme is all things bird-related, to coincide with last month's National Bird Day.

Contained inside, you will find a carefully laid nest of styles including (but not limited to): 

Welsh freak-pop, neo-kraut rock, laid-back rockabilly, instrumental grime, acoustic melancholia, sideways electronica, Balkan-inspired folk, lo-fi a cappella, electro-baggy, psycho-surf, Japanese folk pop, 80s sci-fi VHS chic, and Matmos!!!… all interspersed with snippets of poetry, essays, news samples and field recordings.

For this mix, I am elated to have rekindled my collaboration with US artist Seth Fitts, who did all of the sleeve artwork for my debut LP '(Falling from) The Nutty Tree' (Mush Records).

Both albums available to buy HERE

My monthly Oddtronica radio show is 2 hours of brand new and forthcoming electronic music, which airs on Bloop. London 18:00-20:00 the last Saturday of the month.


Track listing:

1. Beak> 'Liar'
2. Slackk 'Pigeons'
3. Calika 'S/4 Swansong'
4. Charlie Feathers 'Can't Hardly Stand it'
5. Gravenhurst 'Peacock'
6. Cate Le Bon 'Falcon-eyed'
7. A Hawk and a Hacksaw 'Lajtha Lassu'
8. Matmos and Plu Wobbly 'Chicken Legs'
9. Underworld 'Good Morning Cockerel'
10. Joe and Winifred Woods 'Hunting the Wren'
11. Moondog 'Sparrow'
12. Isan 'Glass Bird Movment'
13. Jonathan Krisp 'Skylarks'
14. Rook Vallade 'Gaifld'
15. Zoon van snooK 'Cuckoo'
16. Campag Velocet 'Metro•Boulot•Dodo'
17. The Doomed Bird of Providence 'Fedicia Exine' (Zoon van snooK Remix)
18. The Trashmen 'Surfin' Bird'
19. A Seated Craft 'Field Recordings'
20. Masaki Hanakata 'Owl'
21. AM Architect 'Albatross'
22. Euros Childs 'Billy the Seagull'
23. Space Dimension Controller 'Gullfire'
24. Concubine 'Kingfisher'
25. Screamin' Jay Hawkins 'Frenzy'


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