Zoon Van Snook Presents: Oddcasts #2 – ‘Space Oddities’ Mix


Here we have the second instalment of my quarterly, themed OddCasts for the resplendent Ransom Note magazine.
This time out I have chosen to name it 'Space Oddities' as my tribute to the late genius David Bowie. 
As you will see, the track; artist, or release it comes from, is themed around the cosmos.
You can expect a mélange of musical styles from jazz; electronica; New York post punk; and prog, intertwined with Sci-fi film and Hitchhiker's Guide…samples; soundtracks; library music; and even Bowie vocals floating around in the mix. All of this is stitched together with NASA's electromagnetic space recordings, released to the public last year.

The beautiful artwork is a piece called 'SkyHume' by Linda Himbert, a sound and fine artist from Berlin, now based in London. This is the first of many collaborations, I feel…
See Here…

The next 2-hour edition of my Oddtronica radio show will air on Thursday 18th of February on Bloop, and the following day – on Friday the 19th – I will be DJing an Oddtronica set at Gorilla Bar (Gracia) here in Barcelona.


1. Masayoshi Fujita 'Moonlight'
2. Flying Lotus 'Galaxy in Janaki'
3. Stereolab 'Prisoner of Mars'
4. JWCM 'Corona Borealis'
5. MARS 'Helen Fordsdale'
6. The Telescopes 'A Good Place to Hide'
7. Solar Bears 'Cosmic Runner'
8. Three Cane Whale 'Moon in a Bottle'
9. Devendra Banhart 'Cosmos and Demos'
10. Louis & Bebe Barron 'Krell Shuttle Ride' (from 'Forbidden Planet' OST)
11. Jónsi 'Sun'
12. Letherette 'Space Cuts'
13. Coldcut 'Space Journey'
14. Ochre 'Saturniner'
15. Flying White Dots '2000 Light Years From The Sea'
16. Pantha Du Prince 'Satellite Snyper'
17. Les Baxter 'Saturday Night on Saturn'
18. Mercury Rev 'Close Encounters of the Third Grade'
19. Luxus Varta 'Breigs' (from 'Hubble Telescope Series Vol. 1)
20. William Orbit 'Water Babies'
21. Soil & Pimp Sessions 'Pluto'
22. King Crimson 'Moonchild'

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