Zoon Van Snook Presents: Oddcasts #1 – ‘Dangerously Avon’ – The Ransom Note Mix


Following on from my 'Zoon van snooK presents: Oddtronica' DJ sets in the UK and Europe, and subsequent monthly radio show of the same name on Bloop London, I wanted to do a similar thing but shorter, with no talking, and being less constrained by my own self-imposed genre brief. Think ‘The Freak Zone’ but a little more accessible!!

When I was asked to contribute a podcast for The Ransom Note – a magazine that I respected and always sought recommendations from – the 'Zoon van snooK presents: OddCasts' idea was born.

My first one, based entirely on lesser-known artists from Bristol, is presented here with a specially chosen image from Bristol artist Duncan Jago. I wanted to show people that there was more to Bristol than the big-hitting, trip-hopping behemoths for which the city is often pigeonholed.

This gave me the idea to have a theme for each of the individual OddCasts. Future mixes will include one based solely on Barcelona artists called 'Bring the Nois' (Noi = gender-generic 'guys', 'lads', 'chaps' in Catalan). Other themes could be more concept-orientated like cosmology, or the seasons.

The next 2-hour instalment of the Oddtronica radio show will air on 22nd October on Blooplondon.com, and two days later – on Saturday the 24th – I will be DJing at Cassette Bar (El Raval) here in Barcelona.

I have two remixes coming up for release in the next 6 weeks: one for Kid Francescoli called 'Does She?' (Alter-K, FRA) and one for Yppah called 'Little Dreamer' (Counter Records/Ninja Tune, US). Keep an eye out for exclusives of both, very soon…

Hear more from Zoon van snooK here. He will be DJing at Cassette Bar (El Raval) in Barcelona, followed by a show on 26th November at L'Alimentation Générale in Paris, as part of a Lo Recordings night.


1. Geoffrey Woodruff ' Fanfare From The City Trumpeters'
2. Stackridge 'Breakfast with Werner von Brau'/Andy Fairley 'Jack the biscuit'
3. The Fauns 'Point Zero'
4. Dolman 'On Stoney Ground (Pt.1)' feat. Danny Coughlan
5. KAEB 'When We Fall'
6. Canola Tenderfoot 'Setting Sail For Hy-Brasil'
7. Bronnt Industries Kapital 'Unbelievable Computer of Love'/The Pop Group 'Springer'
8. Get the Blessing 'Music Style Product'
9. Quakers 'Outlaw' feat. Deed
10. Chikinki 'Tram Love'
11. New Acoustics 'Billy in Goal'
12. Up, Bustle & Out 'Radio Madrid'
13. The Jimi Entley Sound 'Charlie's Theme'
14. Smith & Mighty 'Clash of the Beats' (instrumental)
15. Madnomad 'II Peter'
16. Tom Bugs 'Part 1'
17. The Mighty Ging 'Cursazoid'
18. Rip, Rig + Panic 'Through Nomad Eyeballs
19. SJ Esau 'Soul II Skull' (Zoon van snooK remix) – *Exclusive*
20. Ersatz 'Collapse of the Wave Function' (Cajita Remix)
21. Zoon van snooK 'The Potter's Garden'
22. Gravenhurst 'Carousel'
23. The Pop Group '3:38' (Instrumental)
24. Spye 'Oops, Sorry'
25. Jilk 'Ghost Grains'
26. Principal Participant 'P.E.S.T.L.E.'