Yuzo Iwata: The ‘Shine A Light On’ Mix


In recent times we have seen a wave of hugely talented disc jockeys emerge from Japan…

Yuzo Iwata is from Sapporo and has been working prominently in the city as a promoter behind his party, FLOPPY. As a disc jockey he is superbly talented, taking an eclectic approach to his sets which often meander between style and genre. He also makes use of field recordings and plays experimentally from the perspective of telling a story through his own musical representation. 

Now based in Berlin, he spends his days working in second hand record shops and producing his own music which has so far been released on the likes of Pluie/Noir and Rotate. He has forthcoming music soon to be released on SJ Tequila's record label Shot of T which lurks around the corner. 

This mix was recorded live as part of an opening set at Precious Hall in Sapporo at his own FLOPPY party – it is recorded entirely on vinyl with the exception of one unreleased track and some overlaid field recordings. 

Lock in. 

Listen below: 

Please introduce yourself… Who are you, where are you and what are you? What does your music look like?

I’m Yuzo Iwata, Born in the countryside of Japan. A mix of Japanese and Cuban half. At that time I was the only mixed school student from kindergarten to junior high school in that area. So I was always  minority but it was fun to be surrounded by good friends. I forgot something bad . My friends call me Fabio since my face looks like Fabio. Currently live in Berlin, work at a used record shop, do music production and DJ.
I think I was going to be a writer if I could explain in words what I output in music.

Do you want to paint your music?

I think that I tried to become a painter if I could explain it with pictures.

Where was the mix recorded?

A club called Precious Hall in Sapporo. That is the most important club for me.

What is the ideal setting for listening to the mix?

In an environment where you can see the outside on a day when nothing is planned Or when you take a walk outside. In an environment where there are no talkative people.

What should I wear?

Clothes that are easy for you to trip first. But maybe I don't think it's a bondage or a rubber suit.

What is your dream setting for recording a mix? Location / system / format?

With two properly configured Technics turntables, two Pioneer CDJs which can use USB, and a rotary mixer with a three-band EQ or isolator on each channel. And the same sound two monitor as the dance floor and  friends who can exchange energy from the dance floor.

Which track in the mix is your current favorite?

All my favorites. I only played favorite tracks.

What is your favourite mix so far?

I have not listened to the mix of other people so much recently. If I have time I will make music or listen to records. But over 10 years ago, I was like a sponge that absorbed everything, I remember listening to those well.  

DJ Muro – Manhattan Records Novelty Mix Tape
Richie Hawtin – DE9
DJ NOBU – No Way Back
COS/MES – Youkai MIX Black Disc and White Disc
Takkyu Ishino – In the box, Mix up
Fumiya Tanaka – Mix up, Mur Mur
Optimo – HOW TO KILL THE DJ, Walk About 

What was ridiculous recently?

5ive-Born Free 18
Andry-Born Free 25
Lil Mofo-RA 646
Powder-Powder in Space

It is impossible to decide the best one. All the works I wrote above are mindblowing. Many of them were trying new things.

Who would be better if you could B2B any historical DJ? And why?

I thought about it but I'm not sure. I would rather do it with closer friends than historical DJs.

What was your first DJ setup? And what kind of setup is it now?

18 years ago I bought a Hip Hop DJ set by mail order. So my first setup was Technics SL1200-MK3D and Vestax pmc-05, that is a 2ch 2band EQ mixer for Scratch.

Which is more important, the first song or the last song?

I think everything from the first bird's voice makes sense. Because can not catch an apple without planting seeds and watering. so So I think all tracks are important and I choose them.

What is the first record bought and the last record bought?

The first one is The Beatnuts – No Escapin' This. One recent piece is  The Pro-Use Direct Cutting Series – Fantastic Sounds Of Tsugaru-Jyamisen 

If you eat this mix, what does it taste like?

That's a funny question! It probably tastes like something passing through human body after eating various international meal.  

What if this mix was an animal?

I like frogs. I want to listen to it while I watch them.

What are the unmixable records in your record collection?

It's limited if it makes sense to mix in bpm, but I think there are more possibilities in the mix, so I think there is nothing impossible.

What are your plans for the future?

I am planning to release 3 records containing my name from now.  I'm going to DJ in Berlin this month. I want to go around the world more with music. I want to meet future friends all over the world who can resonate with music.

Do you have anything to talk about?

I answered a lot, but after all it is all you feel. Feel free. 
"Music should be free." This is the word that has been in my heart since my respected friend told me. Thank you for reading. Have a lovely day đŸ™‚

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