Willis Anne: Planet LAN Mix


Run by Willis Anne and based out of Berlin, LAN is a record label which channels the underground ethos of electronic and experimental music culture in a humble, unpretentious manner.

It has acted as an outlet for an extensive array of musicians to channel unique, abstract sounds – sometimes these are club focussed yet often they are built as much with a pensive, reflective listener in mind. 

This mix is a testament to the hard work and commitment Willis Anne has invested in the label and showcases a plethora of music due for release or featured on LAN thus far.

It’s an exciting representation of his own ethos and approach towards music and creativity. 

A tracklist can be found below.

‘Planet LAN’

Bob Marley
Levan Shanidze – Untitled
mcrd – moth man
Chino Yoshio – Relax Organ
Mickael Jackson
Ostalgie – Usine III
Acid Souza – Ya Feel It (self-released)
Etienne Klein
Willis Anne – Channel Self
Justus Raïm – OLD
Marylin Crispell
Chino Yoshio – Sleep
mcrd – n.d.n.d.
Vonverhille – Pot Hole
Miltiades – wavyhieremin
Steph – ICFH#2
Ostalgie – Alpina
Gabor Mate
Laure Boer & BernsteinZimmer – Untitled
Nina Simone
Ostalgie – Time To Expand Your Self III
Léo Ferré

Visit the LAN Bandcamp HERE