White Collar Boy Talk – Ears Exclusive Mix


Hailing from Dublin, White Collar Boy are a two piece electronic group whose vibrant 90s house sound has seen them growing in popularity both in the UK and abroad.


As a friendship born out of a shared love of electronic music and production, it was inevitable that Gavin White and Mark Cummins would begin creating music together. Fans of a variety of left-field, alternative, electronically rooted sounds from the likes of Four Tet and Factory Floor, the pair's sound is as equally boot stomping as it is dreamy in its distillation of influences. After forming in the summer of 2011, the pair have wasted no time in bringing their sound to the foreground. 


Their next release, SUUU/Tide, forthcoming on Bodytonic, brings together all of White Collar Boy's work to date – a mixing pot of 90s-esque house vocals and stripped back grooves which lean more towards the pair's strength as a live act than have their previous releases. 


You can find their exclusive mix for R$N at the bottom of this page!


Where are you from, where are you now?
Were from Dublin, and at the moment we're both in our respective kitchens oddly enough.
What's the the economic, social and political state of affairs in Dublin at the moment and what's the creative state of play like? Are these clearly linked? 
Well the worst of the recession is over but you can see the effects of it now in terms of high taxes, empty buildings and shops closing around the place. We try not to think of all that negativity and focus of the positives of Dublin becoming a much productive place now for creative types. 

How much of a creative hub is there for you in Dublin?
For such a small place Dublin and Ireland has always been a creatively fruitful place for artists. At the moment for electronic music weve been having a really exciting time with major international acts coming in every week and a rise in producers and musicians, making really impressive electronic music which is starting to get recognized internationally now. The parties have never been better.
What was the music of your teenage rebellion?
Joy Division, Beta Band, Pixies, The Fall. 
You met at Primavera Sound in Barcelona. As we move into the season, tell us about your 3 greatest festival experiences.
Playing Airbound over in London at the March was fantastic. I dont think there was a single person in the place not having an amazing time. Also playing Electric Picnic last summer with the string quartet from Trinity Orchestra was a special moment. At that Primavera where we met, the whole festival was amazing, but the closing party/beach party on Sunday was exactly why we love that festival, what a time.
More and more artists seem to be "going live" whilst not really "going live" at all. What's live and what isn't?

Its an argument that rages on. We saw Metro Area live in Dublin last week and they were a great example. A set up that includes a host of gear rather than just triggering ableton samples is certainly more live. While going live is essentially a number of things happening on stage, a performance where the initiative is with the artist to create music in real time whether it be from analog synthesizers, drum machines or computer software, is one that wed consider live.
On that subject, what's your live set up?
Our live set up consists of  two to three synths depending on the set from a MicroKorg XL, Dave Smith Mopho and an Ultranova Novation, Native Instruments Maschine, live vocals and samples from Ableton.
How do you see the evolution of the stadium filling electronic act since the likes of Underworld, Orbital and Chemical Brothers. Is anyone coming through that you feel could headline festivals or is it just a different breed in the likes of ahem Chase & Status,Calvin Harris and DaeadMau5?
I think the likes of Modeselektor, The Field, Caribou, John Talabot, Bookashade, Pantha du Prince etc have taken up that role while its certainly something we wouldnt ever believe was not possible because a different type of breed emerging.
What's your favourite 3 albums of the decade thus far?

Tough question!
LCD Soundsytem Sound of Silver
Pantha du Prince Black Noise
The Field From Here We Go To Sublime

If your sound was a visual thing, what would it look like?
Sunrise on the coast in Dublin on a rare glorious morning, looking east towards tomorrow.

First and last record bought?

Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground and Nico
Daniel Avery and The Deadstock 33s – Magnetic

Who is doing it for you right now?
Kolsch. That new Beautiful Swimmers album is pretty solid too.
What are you obsessed with at the moment?

Kolschs 1977, it has a few already released songs on it, but its as good a record as Kompakt has ever released.

What does the future hold for you?

Were releasing a record with Bodytonic Music at the end of July/August, along with a few dates over here before some more touring towards the end of the year.
When did you last stick your head in a bass bin?
A month ago in the basement of the Twisted Pepper, listening to the final drafts of the new record.
Whats your favourite place on earth?

Most places on this planet can be heaven in the right company.

Who would win in a fight out of Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning?

Soldier V Office type, you do the maths.
Are you a kick drum, hi hat or a snare? And why?
Kick Drum, has the potential to get 1000s of people excited at once.
Complete the sentence: I'm proper techno because…..

If we ever said those three words, we would be laughed at for the rest of summer!

Where is the strangest place you've woken up naked?

Bathroom, getting out of a shower can be dangerous stuff.

If you were a cat, what type would you be?

My old Aunties, that house was good craic.

What's your answer to everything?

Yer Aulone. 


Here's their R$N Ears Exclusive mix: 



1) Van Off Martt – Ne Pas Avaler (Gonno Remix) [Moi Moi Records]

2) Unknown

3) Coma – My Orbit (Dauwd Remix) [Kompakt]

4) Casino Times – I Wanna Know (Dave DK Remix) [Needwant]

5) Bohemian Groove – Hi Jinx [Throne of Blood]

6) DJ Koze – La Duquesa [Pampha Records]

7) Tale of Us – Lost City [Minus Records]

8) Larse – Tonite [Dikso]

9) Whirlpool Productions – Gimme [Logic Records]

10) Classixx feat. Nancy Whang – [Innovative Leisure]