Tythe – Ears Exclusive Mix


"I Invite you to the party in my mind…"


So says Tythe's in depth Soundcloud biog. His 'Careless Woman' release turned our heads at R$N Towers and we found out a little bit more about Mr Tythe in an interview with the man himself last week. He also dropped us an exclusive mix for our ears only, well, make that yours too. 



Can you tell us a bit about your Ears Exclusive Mix and what your DJ setup consists of?


Yeah, this mix is a good example of the variety of stuff Im into, I guess. When I play out I just use CDJs, but when I make these online mixes, I use Ableton. I used to love the Global Underground compilation series [and Sashas Involver mixes], where great focus was put on melding the tracks together as seamlessly as possible; thats not happening between every track in my mix, but Id still rather produce something harmonic and flowing than rudimentarily cobble together a CDJ mix and spend 48 hours trying to make it airtight. In truth, I dont actually own CDJs. Shhhh.


My DJ sets will quite often change energy levels and feel, up and down and all round the houses its probably a hangover from going to Bedrock when I was younger and getting lost in the middle of a beatless, dramatic breakdown for about 4 minutes thats still in me. So I dont mind a bit of standing around and collecting my thoughts whilst a DJs playing. I hope other people feel the same, when Im playing.


Though I have loved DJing quite a few more party party house sets out and about recently, I find warm up sets really enjoyable for the above reason, that build up towards something bigger, creating a bit of stifled anticipation. This mix is representative of that kind of set for me. There are some nice remixes in there from Casino Times, Time & Space Machine, DJ Harvey and Joel Hood I never play my own tunes when I DJ out, but Joels mix of my tune Totem Poles is truly beautiful so I stuck that in.  And the single Careless Woman.  I mean, this is strictly business, right?



You can read the rest of last weeks interview right here.