TRevino – ‘Trevino Plays Tech’ – THE RANSOM NOTE MIX


Marcus Intalex aka Trevino stopped by for The R$N mix.


In order to make oneself better, stronger, more accomplished, you have to put yourself into new situations.

So says the hydra-headed veteran producer and label boss, Marcus Intalex as he embarked on yet another of his musical incarnations; Trevino. Famed for his explorations into drum n' bass explorations under his own Marcus Intalex moniker and with ST Files he's 

With some superb releases on Martyn's 3024, Applepips and Craig Richards' The Nothing Special Marcus' fresh mononym as Trevino has functioned as an outlet for his 120 -130bpm-range house and techno creations which certainly go their own way.

"The whole Trevino projects given me a new lease of life."

Marcus always retained a deep connection to house and techno and with this moniker the influence shines brightest. With one eye on his roots and one set firmly looking forward, he has managed to carve out a sound that is entirely relevant today, as he himself admits,

"influenced by everything Ive been into over the years. Everything Ive ever believed in.

Ahead of this weekend's Bugged Out! Warehouse Project he's gifted us an amazing 'Trevino Plays Tech' rollercoaster of a 1 hr, 6 mins and 50 seconds.

?Get your ears around this here…