Dimitri Veimar – THE RANSOM NOTE MIX


This week's mix comes from rising up-start and incredibly gifted producer Dimitri Veimar…

Born in Germany and then relocating to Russia to study and to start his musical career, Veimar found early inspiration from the likes of James Zabiela and similar artists who were pushing the boundaries of electronic music in the mid- to late 2000s. Having recently moved once again, this time to Bali, Veimar has recently released an EP on Matt Walshs Clouded Vision imprint, remixed tracks for Daniel Avery, Justin Robertson & Debukas, and has forthcoming releases on Darkroom Dubs, Startalk and Turbo Recordings. 

Dimitri Veimar is the kind of musical discovery that, were I were a religious man, I would go to bed and pray for every night. Modern day acid house that stays below the 120BPM mark but retains a certain punch whilst having an air of techno cool and swagger to it. One day, totally out of the blue, he emailed me with a remix hed made of my track Water Jump. He didnt have the parts so it was essentially a bootleg but it really blew me away. From there, everything hes sent has had people rushing up to me when I play them out, desperate to know what they are. Its great to see his debut EP has been signed to Matt Walshs Clouded Vision label, the perfect home for him.
Daniel Avery


Let's get that mix on then and catch up with Dimitri below…

Questions soon come as soon as he gets em back to us! 

Ooh, here he is. I'll format these proper soon… be about an hour. Bear with me. I know it doesn't look nice just yet but read it anyway…

Please tell us who you are and where youre at…

Well, I'm Dimitri Veimar aka Veimar Dimitri, currently live in Barcelona and I'm trying to get a perfect position on a chair. And before I begin please excuse me for "the Yoda" language in advance. 


Tell us about the mix youve done for The Ransom Note – 

First of all I've attempted to make it in a positive way, mellow like a spring sun under the river (hah), then my mood has changed and I dropped that thing and went to to an obscure sounding, which is more comfortable to me. 


Where was it recorded?

It was recorded in Ableton, I enjoy having the ability to cut and edit everything as I feel like, but honestly didn't do much in particular work. From the other side,  I've realised that I'm pretty bored of perfect "plastic fantastic" mixes, when everything is "like a glove".  DJ's still should make mistakes that's why you could hear glitches during the mix.


Whats in it and why?

You can find a few ripped to Wav vinyls, some lovely acid tunes and of course techno marching beats at the end.


What should we be wearing?

It has to be a some kind of EMO suite with a whistle in a pocket in case of emergency.


First and last records you bought?

Not sure, but back in early 90's it was something by Onyx or Apollo 440, till this day i mad all kind of Hip Hop&Break Beat. The last one was  "Jungle Sometimes" by STL, this guy has a big influence on my productions. 

When did you start DJing and what got you into it?

My first attempt at djing was when I was 18. We had a small basement with all equipment needed and where we could practice in everything, you know.


What was your first thought when your debut EP got signed to Clouded Vision?

I've just went out from the room and jumped into the pool. It's a big pleasure to work with guys like Matt Walsh, he's a big man!  Of course thanks to Daniel Avery to meet me with him.

When you first started DJing did you set yourself any particular goals such as performing in certain places/on the same bill as certain other DJs and have you accomplished any of them?

Honestly, absolutely no goals, just aimed to share with people of my musical vision.


Did moving first to Russia, and then on to Bali, have an effect on your sound in any way?

For sure, it has become more smooth and rough. My sound preferences have changed a little bit, not a last shot was made by the place i've been playing in Bali, called "Maria Magdalena" and my man, Jean-Marc  who zwas the promoter in there.  

Have there been any different influences at play between the time that you were producing 'The Boys' and your most recent EP 'Everyone in NY'?

As I said before, my musical taste is always changing, pretty standard thing for an DJ or producer. When i've been making "Everyone"  I was deeply into early acid house era or just having fun with 303.

Do you have any watermarks in your music (ie. are there any features that are an ever-present whatever you're working on)?

Definitely. All my music is simple and boring for my grandma.  Seriously though I don't actually know how it can be liked by anyone except me, but i'm happy that it is. The best way to know about my watermarks is to ask people about that. Think I should ask this question to my friends.


If you could go back to back with any DJ from throughout history, who would it be and why?

Scatman John, shame that he was not a DJ. He's a fastest Hip Hop artist i've ever heard of). No, seriously, why everybody mad from 2 pac?  I mean he made roper Hip-HOP stuff but what about Scatman? Real world – scatman's world, not a gangster's. yo!)


Would you say that you approach remixes in a different way to your own productions?

Yeah, I could say that "Dimitri Veimar Remix" is my another alias, feeling free to make some dnb beats or slow breaks, whatever.  And if someone wants a remix from my side they shouldn't expect a dance floor weapon or something like that.


If this mix was an edible thing, what would it taste like?

I have no idea.


If it was an animal what would it be?

Dog, I love dogs… in a right way.


Is a DJs job to entertain or educate?

Every DJ should choose a right side for them, but from my end , as an engineer i can express it in a form of proportion – 30/70 and a score goes to education.  I don't know how long those figures going to keep. Everything is changing.  


If you could perform back to back with any other DJ, past or present, who would you choose? Any idea what might be on your playlist?

Well, now seriously, it has to be Kris Wadsworth or Simian Mobile Disco but i'm not sure those guys really need to play back to back with someone. 


What's the one record in your collection that is impossible to mix into anything?

I'm extremely in love with german band – Haus Arafna – "Today You Died" or "Independent" – real stuff, little bit suicidal and natural at the same time. I haven't had a chance to put it in somewhere yet, but I believe I will, one day I will. Should i be checked by my doctor?


When in the studio, putting together either a mix or a track, what titbits (if any) do you have to have by your side?

Hah, silence and calm.


You've already gained some high profile fans – Daniel Avery to name but one – what's the best compliment you've ever received about your work?

Actually it was made by Daniel, once he said "man, it's too predictable for you" when i'd sent him over not so lucky tune as "Obama n Birds". It's the best compliment I've ever received because it makes me move forward and work harder.


Upcoming in the world of Dimitri Veimar 

There are a lot of remixes that should out in March/April/May for Debukas, The Emperor Machine, Danny Daze, Markus GIbb. 2 EPs are out in closer future, first one on Darkroom Dubs at the head of SIlicone Soul, with a brilliant remixes by Justin Robertson and Remain. Another one goes on the label run by Bozzwell called Startalk International, contain remixes from one of my favourite band Eskimo Twins and another twins called The Gemini Bros.


Anything else we need to discuss?

Hmm, I see now how ridiculous that most of European countries are trying to blame Russians in a fascism with the situation around ukraine, despite that over 20 million died in a War against Adolf Hitler to free The World from fascism. Politican's wars. But it's an another story .  Love n peace.

?Next vinyl compilation on Clouded Vision features my new track. It's out in June.

Need more? Check Dimitri's