Sutja Gutierrez – The Ransom Note Mix


Sometimes in life the very best thing you can do is reach out into the ether and hope that you're able to grip your palm around a tasty treat that'll blow your ears half the way to Timbuktu. That leap of blind aural faith is exactly what caused us to stumble across the excellent Sutja Gutierrez and get this beauty of a mix into our ears as if it were a big ol' ice lolly just waiting to be nibbled on. Prepare yourself for an hour's entertainment in the form of the current R$N Towers National Anthem. 

This is going to knock your socks into next week. We knew nothing of Sutja prior to him hitting us up on that there Soundcloud but not to worry as Sutja's here to talk you through his aural glory;

Please Introduce Yourself…
Who Are You?


Where Are You?

Behind you.

What Are You?

Piece of meat

What’s Your Musical Background? How Did You First Discover Your Love Of Music?

My father was a big fan of music. When I was a kid he showed me amazing bands and when I grew up I started discovering new music by myself and I started mixing in private parties.

If Your Sound Was A Visual Thing, What Would It Look Like?

Hieronymus Bosch paintings.

Describe Your Sound Without Using The Letter ‘E’.

Curious, ambitious, cynical, artistic, playful and soulful.

Who Was Your First Great Inspiration? Who Inspires You Now?

Everything in this world inspires me. From nature to art, from creativity to spirituality, from philosophy to the cosmos.

I am constantly searching for different inspirations so, I’ve never had just one great Inspiration. 

What Was The First Electronic Record You Heard And How Did It Make You Feel?

Rammellzee and K-Rob – Beat Bop (Instrumental/Original)

Simplicity, rhythm, Basquiat as a producer… Everything was perfect to my ears. 

At that time I was into the graffiti scene of my hometown so i was listening to a lot of Hip Hop, Funky, R&B and I felt like this song was something like a bridge to the next level.

How Does Your Brain Work When Making Music? How Does It Work When You Aren’t?

When making music, I use to not think. I disappear. 

I play. 

When not making music, I think. I appear. I continue playing.

What Were The First And Last Records You Bought?

I can’t remember if the first record I bought was from Velvet Underground or Tupac (haha) but the last album I brought home was Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention – Uncle Meat.

What Are You Obsessed With At The Moment?

Knowing myself much better.

What’s Your Answer To Everything?


If You Were Trapped On A Desert Island With One Other Person, Who Would You Choose? How Long Would It Be Before You Eat Them?

Shakespeare. But sorry, I can’t eat him.

If You Weren’t Making Music, What Would You Be Doing?


What’s The Next Big Thing?

Living and learning.

What’s The Most Techno Thing You’ve Ever Done?

When I was younger I tried to make techno music but nothing special. It was a kind of introduction to the DAW world.
Then I started making Electronic Pop and felt pretty much more confortable.

Where Is The Strangest Place You’ve Woken Up Naked?

I’ve always enjoyed sleep naked in hotel rooms. When you wake up you feel terribly weird, displaced and fresh. 

If You Were A Cat, What Type Would You Be?

I am a cat. No matter what type. 
I love cats.

Onto The Mix…

Where Was The Mix Recorded?

My studio.

What Would Be The Ideal Setting To Listen To The Mix?

In dreams.

What Should We Be Wearing?

Nothing. Fully Naked.

What Would Be Your Dream Setting To Record A Mix: Location/System/Format.

A cave next to the beach. No matter what system or format. 

Which Track In The Mix Is Your Current Favourite?

All of them are very representative… but, Spacemen 3 – Big City is an all-time hymn.

What’s Your Favourite Recorded Mix Of All Time?

Any mix recorded with love, patience and freedom.

If You Could Go Back To Back With Any Dj From Throughout History, Who Would It Be And Why?

Sideral. I heard nice stories from him and i think we had a lot in common. He passed away a month after he played in my hometown.
He was very young, talented and charismatic.

What Was Your First Dj Set Up At Home And What Is It Now?

I started with a classic hi-fi tower system. 1 vinyl, 2 cassette players, 1 cd player and EQ.

Something like this:

And now I don’t usually mix at home but when i do, I use my laptop, my iPad, speakers, etc.

What’s More Important, The Track You Start On Or The Track You End On?

Both are necessary, crucial and magic. Life and death.

If This Mix Was An Edible Thing, What Would It Taste Like?

Spicy, tasty and psychedelic mushrooms with some Peyote sauce.

If It Was An Animal What Would It Be?


One Record In Your Collection That Is Impossible To Mix Into Anything?

Everything is possible and you know that.

Upcoming In The World Of Sutja Gutierrez?

New music is on the way, bla bla.

Anything Else We Need To Discuss?

Nothing to discuss. Smile, be happy, stay positive and laugh out loud.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to me.

Find out more about Sutja Gutierrez here.