Simon Peter: The ‘Monday Is Ok’ Mix


After becoming reacquainted with Simon Peter through his recent blissful release on Claremont 56, and realising how those sounds helped us through the turgidity of December, we asked him to recreate that across a mix for us. January has only just left us, and bloody hell we need some sunny vibes to tease Spring towards us. Have a listen, and read some thoughts from the man himself:

Please introduce yourself…Who are you? Where are you? What are you?

I'm Simon – music lover, enthusiast, musician, producer. Just had my first vinyl out on Claremont 56, one of my favourite labels, so buzzing about that.

Tell us about the Monday mixtape you’ve put together for us. 

Loved The Ransom Note's brief for the 'Monday is OK' mixtape – 'downbeat/abstract/out-there vibes'… it was great to be able to do a non-dancey mixtape and just do a little mix up of some great tunes that I'm feeling right now. Genre-wise it's a bit all over the shop but hopefully you'll agree that it hangs together ok. There's some pretty long tracks in there but I thought fuck it, bung 'em in. I'd like to think the Ransom Note readers have the patience. 

What would be the ideal setting to listen to the mix?

Just at home. Or work I guess, if you have that kind of job. Hopefully the tunes will transport you somewhere a bit more colourful. That's the idea, anyway.

What should we be wearing?

Something with a pleasing pattern. A striking jumper, perhaps. Or some kind of roll-neck like a massive jazz-man.  

Where was it recorded?

I 'recorded' (this was done digitally, sorry purists!) just before Christmas actually at my home in Hackney. Then tidied the edit (sorry again purists!) at my Mums' over Christmas.

Who got you hooked on electronic music?

I was living in France when I really got into electronic music. The artists that did it were Boards of Canada, Matthew Herbert, and Squarepusher. 

Who would you say are your biggest influences and what are you hoping to achieve with your music?

Pink Floyd / Matthew Herbert / DFA and Gomma records / balearica / afrobeat. With regards my music, I hope to have some more releases soon, but I'm pretty slow, sadly. 

Some self help questions for a Monday: 

Am I excited to dive into the challenges that i have lined up for the week?

Not especially. 

Am I looking forward to engaging with the people i am meeting or working with?

Oh man, are these supposed to help? 

Am I going to my dream job?

Actually it's not too bad. 

Am I being compensated fairly for the value i bring to my job?


Do I feel energised, rested, and confident?

I feel kind of… medium. But it's Monday. Things will improve. 

Your doctor says you need more exercise….what do you take up for exercise?

Actually I just joined the gym, following a self-diagnosis. So far so boring. Got but snazziest Nike's going, though. 

What were the first and last records you bought?

First was Opposites Attract single by Paula Abdul. Most recent was Solo Monk by Thelonious Monk. Both excellent.

What are you obsessed with at the moment?

'West End Coast' record by Young Gun Silver Fox.

Anything else we need to discuss?

Oh, don't forget you can win one of my records: WIN SIMON PETER VINYL!

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